We love NEW tings!

February 10, 2018

We love NEW tings!

Hi there! It's been a while. 

Just dropping in to share all of our favorite new goodies! 

This one is for the ladies who like to keep track of their goals! Her Goals Journal helps you to keep a record of your short-term goals and ensures accountability at the same time. 

How satisfying to check off every goal you crush!

Going somewhere?

Our Going Places Pouch is the perfect home for your travel documents! Keep your passport, pen, boarding passes and other small items handy without them getting lost in the sauce when traveling. 


Standing tall in the crowd! 

This Flamingo Journal catches your eye and keeps your thoughts well documented!


H U S T L E 

Whether you're a Girl Boss, Woman In Charge, HBIC or whatever you identify as, we all know how you got there - HUSTLE. Our Hustle Journal is in command with its bold neon color and metallic green lettering. Why fit in when you're the leader of the pack?


AHHH! These pouches are so cute! Hold all of your writing tools or makeup brushes when you're on the go!


We love these mini jotters! They're the best errand companions! 




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